Summer Lens Art Study in Italy

Spend the Summer Shooting in Tuscany




1. Do I need to speak Italian?

It is helpful but not necessary. Lucca is a very international city.

2. How do I get to Lucca?

The closest international airports are Pisa and Florence.

3. Is my flight included in the tuition?

No. Students are responsible for travel to Italy

4. Where will I stay?

Apartments will be provided for all the students.

5. Is there Internet access?

Each apartment has internet

6. What are the classrooms like?

We use 21st Century fully equipped modern classrooms

7. How will I get around town?

Lucca is a very intimate place. One walks or rides bicycles. 

8. Are meals included?

No, there are kitchens in each apartment. Groceries and markets are numerous in Lucca, as well as inexpensive restaurants

9. I am Vegan. Will that be difficult?

Tuscany is the main region for farming vegetables in Italy. There are amazing things at the market

10. Can I drink the water?

Yes, Lucca’s water supply is spring fed and pure

11. What is the electrical current?

220V AC. You will need a plug adapter for most things

12. Will my phone work?

Yes, it will. One needs to contact your carrier for service abroad or purchase a sim card locally.
Students are required to have a phone for safety and communication

13. Are full scholarships available?

There are no full scholarships available. Alto Studio is a non-profit organization. We have costs.

14. What scholarships are available?

Alto Studio offers a scholarship of up to 60% for qualified students

15. Where will my work be shown?

Student work will be shown in Lucca at the end of the semester and in New York in October of the year